Do You Have Binocular Vision Dysfunction?

With BVD, one eye sees an image differently (vertically, horizontally—or both) than the other eye. The body corrects this by overusing and severely straining the eye muscles, causing the symptoms of BVD which include headaches, blurry vision, dizziness, difficulty with reading, learning and concentrating, and even anxiety in large spaces.

Talk with us if any of this resonates--

  • You have experienced symptoms such as headaches, blurry vision, dizziness, or anxiety over a short or extended period of time
  • You have seen one or more specialists for your symptoms and nothing seems to help
  • You have experienced a concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • You were asked by a friend to "just take the test"



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Our practice is proudly located in Greenwich, New York.  Since 2005, we have taken care of the local community and surrounding areas including Schuylerville, Argyle, Salem, Cambridge, Stillwater, Mechanicville and Fort Edward. Old Saratoga Eyecare offers quality service and products and a friendly staff. Dr. Gardner and Tara take great pride in offering every patient the absolute best in vision care. Whether fitting them with eyeglasses or contact lenses, diagnosing eye conditions, performing Neuro Visual Medical Exams or recommending LASIK, Vision Therapy, and other eye surgical procedures. Come visit our new facility built in 2019 and meet Dr. Gardner, Tara and our friendly staff!

It is our mission at Old Saratoga Eyecare to protect and preserve your vision and eye health. We will always strive to provide you with exceptional service and quality products in a genuinely caring manner. We are committed to "building lifetime relationships, one patient at a time."

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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • Dr. Gardner is phenomenal. I cannot say enough good about her and her staff. The absolute best optometrist I have been to!

    - Ashly M.
  • Wonderful, professional, knowledgeable, doctor and staff. They always make me feel supported in my healthcare needs and are prompt and courteous in all their interactions.
    I moved to a more populated area and tried a new eye care team to save time on the commute. I immediately noted the difference in care and decided the drive was well worth the effort for the individual care and time I always receive from Dr. Gardner and staff. Dr. Gardner doesn’t accept status quo but stays up on current best practices in new and broadened treatment protocols which is so important.
    I’d give them ten stars if I could. Highly recommend.

    - Jamie G.
  • Everyone in this office is professional and seems genuinely concerned about each patient ( in my opinion).
    Dr. Gardner is a gifted doctor who treats each patient as an individual. I feel I can say this as my daughter and granddaughter are also patients there and both feel the same way. Dr. Gardner also listens and remembers, which adds to a feeling of being respected and important.

    - Nancy P.
  • Dr. Gardner is amazing! She detects issues with my eyes that most other doctors would have missed. She is willing to recommend specialists of the highest caliber. Her staff is warm, friendly, professional, and engaging. Supported by Tara, this office is the best!

    - Priscilla M.

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